Liga Pentru Aparare Drepturilor celor Tineri
The League for the Defence of Youth Rights
- L.D.Y.R -


   The League for the Defence of Youth Rights ( L.D.Y.R.) was found on 10.01.1996 in Brasov; L.D.Y.R. is a non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian youth association.

   L.D.Y.R. is supervised by the Romanian Ministry of Youth & Sport, by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and by the Romanian Ministry of Environment.


  • In the youth field, L.D.Y.R. provides co-operation between different youth associations from Romania and abroad and also international youth exchanges.
  • L.D.Y.R. achieves projects that become pilot objectives in assistance and consultance in order to contribute to the identification of foreign partners, aiming a better understandig and experience exchange between youth associations all over the world.
  • In the humanitarian field, L.D.Y.R. provides projects with role in development of the helpless and poor youth because of natural and social factors. In this way L.D.Y.R. counts on any humanitarian aids from persons or institutions from Romania and abroad.
  • In the environment field, L.D.Y.R. provides a green and pure world through its projects based on educational problems in the spirit of love and sensibility within the nature and the environment.

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             Claudiu Oteleanu